Shadow Puppet Storytelling at Camp Pac West

April 18, 2018

Daniel Barash of The Shadow Puppet Workshop is scheduled to visit Camp Pac West this year for his “Spin Me a Shadow, Tell Me a Tale” Shadow Puppet Assembly Program.

Discover the magical world of shadow puppetry with Daniel Barash of THE SHADOW PUPPET WORKSHOP.

After first introducing audience members to the art of shadow puppetry (including numerous puppets from Southeast Asia), Daniel performs shadow puppetry versions of best-loved folktales from around the world.

The audience is encouraged to participate throughout the program, and volunteers are invited up to the shadow screen to help perform the shows. Plus, audience members receive shadow puppet templates to continue the fun at home!

Shadow Puppet Workshop comes to Cam Pac West

Daniel Barash, based in Berkeley, CA, has presented hundreds of shadow puppetry assembly programs across the United States. His performances are engaging, participatory, and fun!

Daniel is one of 43 Kennedy Center National Workshop Leaders, and travels around the country sharing his love of shadow puppetry with both educators and students.

The Shadow Puppet Workshop will be joining us again as a Special Camp Pac West Guest on August 3, 2018.

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