Explore the Amazing World of Exotic Animals with Jungle James Animal Adventures

March 29, 2015

Snakes, Reptiles, a Jungle Presentation & More

The Jungle James Team and their reptile, insect, & amphibian friends captivate audiences at birthday parties, schools, camps, scout meetings, fairs, corporate events and many other social gatherings. Their  fascinating, educational presentations explore the amazing world of exotic animals in a safe and exciting setting.

Through the use of anecdotal stories, cool facts, and animal handling, Camp Pac West Campers will better understand the similarities and differences that we share with these creatures, build their confidence, and expand their hearts; key elements to dispelling fear, not to mention a ton of fun. The Jungle James Animal Adventures team is so at ease with these exotic creatures that before you know it, you’re holding a snake for the first time!

Jungle James Animal Adventures will be visiting Camp Pac West on June 24th at 10:30am and August 26 at 10:30am.  Don’t miss this awesome, hands-on show!

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